About Us

The Alberta Somali Community Center is a non-profit community service organization that looks after the needs of the Alberta Somali Canadian community. The organization provides both tangible services and builds the capacity of the community in order to empower it. We provide services such as assistance with immigration matters, housing, parental engagement with school boards, tribunals and other government agencies and working with strategic partners in order to build the capacity of the Somali Canadian community to fully integrate into the Canadian mainstream.
We comprised of individual from the community with a wide range of expertise and experience. Most of them are successful immigrants who can therefore contribute greatly with their skills and expertise to enhance the integration settlement services provided by the center.
Our Gaol is to develop philanthropy and voluntaryism within the community to achieve positive social changes and community development.  Our approach is engaging community to contribute time, money, and expertise to sustain its mission. Our organizations provide services programs and work in partnership with community organizations, public sector agencies, and individuals in removing the systemic barriers those constraints through education and services.
Our Vision: Nurturing Somali Canadian community who are confident of their place in Canada while at the same time maintaining their rich Somali heritage.
Our Mission: is to build bridges between the community and mainstream institution that service through education programming and cultural understanding.
Our programs: is used by Alberta Somali community which is undergoing the growing, a relatively to new immigrant community and there are many obstacles that prevent benefit fully by integrating into the larger Canadian. ASCC is adopting a comprehensive approach to initiate an intervention strategy that is intended to ensure both short and long term integrations. This strategy will include innovative social responses that are intended to address the underlying causes of social barriers and ensures their smooth integration into Canadian society.

Strategic Partner:

The Canadian Somali Congress is the strategic partner for the Alberta Somali Community Center in reaching its objectives. The Canadian Somali Congress will contribute to the implementation of the project by providing support services. It will share this experience as well as the effective community communication strategies that it utilized in Ontario with the Alberta Somali Community Center.
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